Are you fed up with feeling sluggish, low in energy or foggy?

Are food addictions and cravings sabotaging your best attempts at weight loss?

Are you sick of food controlling YOU when it should be the other way around?
There IS a solution, and it's called the . . .


When you hear the word 'detox' do you think of a liquid only menu and expensive supplements which take away the simple pleasures of eating?

Well, this detox is different . .

The real food detox approach . .

Using real foods to detox ensures that you are giving your body the nutrition it needs to optimise your body's own detoxification processes and cleanse naturally. Fresh wholesome foods contain natural cleansers that work in synergy - just the way that nature intended them to. 

I have put together a holistic real food detox which is essentially a reset for your entire body that will allow you to slow down and reconnect with your body and pay attention to how you feel. This detox program is based on cutting edge science in nutrition and draws on my own knowledge and experience with food, recipe development and nutrition as an experienced food & nutrition educator, health coach and qualified nutritionist. The menu is not only wholesome and nutritious but also easy-to-make and absolutely delicious, such that many of the dishes have become family favourites for my clients beyond the detox. Plus you'll have my full support, tips and guidance over your journey (and beyond if you wish) to keep you focussed, accountable and most of all to ensure that you are having fun while doing some amazing work for your body & mind!

So if you want to shut down food cravings, reset your metabolism, switch your body to fat-burning mode, restore your taste buds so that real foods taste amazing again, reduce inflammation in the body, get yourself on track for long-term weight management and health improvement and feel vibrantly healthy and alert, as well as empowered to give real foods a starring role in your everyday life, this 10-day Real Food Detox is for YOU!

With a lot of weight to lose this detox program was the kickstart I needed, not only is the menu delicious (my hubby loved the meals too) but it also filled me up! I am extremely happy with my 6kg weight loss and the 5.5cm off my belly . . and now with my cravings gone, and a new understanding of how to give my body what it needs to be healthy, I’m finding it easy to avoid unsupportive foods and to keep moving forward
— Jo Narre Warren, VIC
I began Paula’s detox, not as a way of losing weight, rather I wanted to feel good holistically. I am a busy person and the first thing I tend to neglect is my eating and putting foods into me that will make me feel good. I was attracted to this plan because it didn’t feel restrictive and it made sense. Put good nutrients and food into you, give yourself a little TLC and you will feel great - and that’s exactly what happened. Ten days on I have noticed changes in my body, my mind and my attitude. I am thinking more clearly, and while I’ve been busy prepping, I still have had time for myself and it has actually felt luxurious to take time out for me. I’ve really enjoyed the recipes provided and found them easy to make and tasty. Paula ensured I was held accountable through her interactive Facebook page and it was great that she was there to always ask a question of and seemed to genuinely care how we were going with the plan and how we were feeling. I hope to make this a lifestyle change and would highly recommend this plan to anyone that is looking to change their health and well-being.
— Jo Hamyln Heights, VIC

The 10-day Real Food Detox program includes:

  1. Real Food Detox planning to succeed kit - includes everything you need to prepare yourself for the results you want, including: tips for creating a supportive environment, detailed daily routine with useful tips and strategies which will be hugely valuable beyond the detox, a shopping list, and a simple journal exercise to help align your mind and intentions. 

  2. Daily meal plan - detailed guidelines of what to eat over a day, including delicious recipes, to take out the guesswork and ensure that you get the right balance of filling, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory foods and nutrients.

  3. 1 bottle of Young Living therapeutic grade, 100% pure lemon essential oil - for your lemon water in the morning. Lavender oil is also recommended and available to purchase - you will need this for your daily relaxing detox bath :)

  4. Detox diary template - tick off your daily detox activities, record what you have eaten, stay on track. 

  5. Daily support - daily email support over the course of the detox, plus an invitation to connect with fellow real food detoxers on my private Facebook support page. My clients report that this community aspect is lots of fun and very motivating.

  6. Daily informative handouts in your inbox - to educate you about the key principles of the real food detox, what to expect, as well as provide tips and strategies that you can employ for long-term weight management and wellbeing.

  7. A personalised 'exit' consultation - advice for continuing your journey tailored to your individual needs over Skype, phone or in person depending on your location.

  8. Beyond the detox - if you're interested in continuing your journey with my support, you can enjoy a discount on my 6 or 12 session programs.

Your investment in your health is just $15 AUD per day!

The next REAL FOOD DETOX event starts April 29th 2019!