My Approach

These days with all the conflicting nutrition and dietary information out there, most people are just looking for a simple answer to the question . . . How should I be eating to be healthy?

  • Should I eat paleo?

  • Should I eat low-carb, high-carb or no-carb?

  • Should I be avoiding gluten or dairy?

Although there are many things that experts do agree on, the truth is that this is a unique question for everyone. It's really about figuring out your individual situation, what concerns do you have about your health? What is bothering you right now? What is your ancestory? . . .You can find empowerment, you just have to establish what it is specifically that your body needs to thrive or function optimally . . .

And this is where I come in as your 'guide on the side'. . . Using a combination of healing foods and practices tailored to your unique situation, I will support you to take back your own health by teaching you how to:

  • Ditch the diet mentality and get clear about what works for YOU

  • Understand and reduce food cravings

  • Detox from sugar and other powerfully addictive foods and transition to real and whole foods

  • Identify food intolerances

  • Improve gut health

  • Reduce inflammation in the body (which is at the root of all chronic disease)

  • Boost your energy levels and improve sleep and mood

  • Put an end to digestive problems, including gas & bloating

  • Balance hormones naturally

  • Reach and maintain your optimal weight

  • Prepare healthy and nutritious meals that both you and your family will love. . .

Drawing on my experience and extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, gut health and disease prevention, I work with clients to guide them to make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. My clients develop a deeper understanding of what’s going on inside their bodies and the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them, improving their energy, balance, health, and happiness.

Learn more about my qualifications and experience and nutrition & health coaching.